22 januari 2011

My Anchors Away choice

The first time I saw pictures of China Glaze Anchors Away I knew this was a collection for me. And last week I ordered my favorites from 8ty8beauty and yesterday they were in my mail. I only bought five cos I didn´t really afford to by them all, this time, so I picked the once I couldn´t live without.

 First Mate, Lighthouse, Ahoy!, Knotty and Below Deck.

I can´t wait to try them on. Lighthouse is the one I´m the most curious about. I don´t have any yellow in my collection so I hope I like it. But Below Deck is my favorite, I think. They all look gorgeous.

Witch are your favorites from this collection?

3 kommentarer:

  1. great choices! my favs are white cap, lighthouse, and sea spray! those really stick out for me.

  2. Jag beställde sent den här gången, först igår. Har haft fullt upp och missade att de kommit in opå 8ty8. Längtar tills de kommer! Och Lighthouse vill jag verkligen testa! Den ser läcker ut!

  3. polish lava: Thnaks:)I want those to but this time I didn´t afford to buy them all.

    Sminkan: Ja visst ser den läcker ut:)ska testas snarast..


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